Giana Ardelean

Student medicine and arts


Daughter of a medical examiner who works at the Boston Police Department. She got into medical school because she likes the work her father does.
Her second choice in arts, mostly drawing things, it’s a hobby of hers and she had the opportunity to follow a course in the University of Boston.
She’s usually found in park or some green area of the univerity where she draws and listens to music.


Born in Boston, she is of Romanian ancestry. Her last name is a reference to a place in Romania, Ardeal. Giana has a younger sister. she attended high school in Boston and always had high grades. Her parents were very proud when she enrolled in the university and made her choice to be a doctor.
the choice was obvious for her because she respects and loves her father. She also was a junior red cross member. So it’s natural she has a first aid certification before attending college.

Giana Ardelean

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