Jenny Butler

Cop's daughter, Indi-rock singer




Jenny was born to a caucasian father, Jake Butler, and a hispanic mother, Ramira Gomez. When she was young they lived downtown Boston, a happy little family, until her father got promoted to detective and started working more hours, his job becoming more stressfull. Finally her mother couldn’t take it anymore and filed for a divorce. Jenny was only 8 at this point. When the divorce was settled, Ramira took Jenny and moved to Los Angeles to live with her family there. For a while everything was good but then her mother died tragically when she got caught in a gang shoot-out.
So Jenny, now 14, was sent back to Boston to live with her father. She had however gotten accustomed to her lifestyle in Los Angeles and had spent very little time with her father since the divorce, so obviously things didn’t go smoothly. Jenny turning more and more into a rebelious teenager, everything her father didn’t want her to be. Listening to loud music, getting involved with the goth and punk scene, doing drugs, underage drinking… but her father was always there to bail her out if things got out of hand. So while the two don’t always get along great, and there is always some tension between them, they actually do care alot about eachother, and Jenny’s rebellious attitude is more act now…a show she puts on than really being a difficult teenager.

Recently her father sent her to university to get a proper education. She didn’t really want to go though, and is still not sure what she wants to major in.

Jenny Butler

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